Audi a4 front differential noise

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audi a4 front differential noise

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Front Limited Slip Differential Put all your power to the ground! For models with 01E 6-Speed manual transmission only.

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Audi B6 A4 Quattro 1.8T Differential Parts

Mfg : Availability: In Stock.If you need to check or fill your final drive or differential oil this article will show you how. There are a couple of very important issues that need to be addressed before you begin and during work on the vehicle.

Audi used several different transmission and drive methods in the A4, from a standard transmission to an automatic Quarto. These different transmission and differentials use different fluids and gear oils. Make sure to identify the type of transmission and differential in your vehicle and use the proper factory approved oil. Oil expands and contracts depending on its temperature. Make sure to follow the temperature directions thoroughly. The transmissions and differentials are filled to the level of the bottom of the fill plug.

Therefore, it is very important when jacking up the vehicle that you jack it up and support it in a manner that it is level. Failure to do so will make the fill plug too high or too low and result in an improper level in the differential. Identify the type of transmission you have by looking up at the serial number on the left or right side of the case just behind the output shafts. This information should also be in your owner's manual along with the type of recommended fluid.

You will want to get the temperature of the gear oil up to operating temperature of around 60C or F. A short road test should accomplish this. Safely raise and support the vehicle so it is level. Remove any under panels or wheel well shield so you can get access to the left side of the diff. If need be you can remove the axle but I did not find it necessary. Make sure the vehicle is off. Locate the fill plug on the differential red arrow.

Large Image Extra-Large Image.

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It is a tight fit but you can get a 10mm Allen and driver in there red arrow. With the oil up to temperature and large drip tray underneath, you can remove the fill plug.

Working carefully so as to NOT strip the plug, remove the plug. The fluid is at the proper level when it is level with the lower opening on the fill plug. Allow any excessive oil to drip out for approximately two minutes or add as needed with a fluid pump.

Understanding and Diagnosing Rear Differential Noise

When the fluid is level with the lower opening on the fill plug, you can insert the fill plug and torque to spec. Got more questions? Join us in our Technical Forum Message Board and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts. Or, see what other questions readers have asked about this article All Search Everything. Need to buy parts for this project?

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audi a4 front differential noise

Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. A4 quattro rear noise driving me crazy! Coming up for k on my A4 2. Since Easter there had been a rumble noise from the rear that increases with speed. So far I've replaced the rear wheel bearing passenger sidechecked rear diff fluid level which is fine, fitted two new rear tyres, and have just fitted Brembo discs and pads all round.

Two different garages thought it could be the rear discs or rear wheels as they were due for replacement. When I replaced the rear discs passenger side I noticed there was a little grease weep on the outer CV joint steel band.

I replaced the reluctor ring on this drive shaft a couple of years ago. The rubber boot is not torn. Got me thinking that this joint could be either running dry or is simply worn out.

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Are rear outer CV joints worth re-packing, or just replace it? Is it worth re-packing the joint first? Any suggestions? PAULF likes this.

Last edited: Jul 1, I had the same thing when a rear bearing was going, it would be quiet at start of the journey, then after a few miles it would start making noise, there wasn't any significant play in it either to start with, just noise. Change the bearing. You should have done both when you did the one you've already changed. Changed bearing - noise gone. Thanks for all the feedback. I hear you regards the other bearing. It's all money just now. Thinking of becoming a MP.

Aye, that will be right! Keep you posted! Rant over! Did this turn out to be the CV joint?

Understanding and Diagnosing Rear Differential Noise

IceashAug 5, That's good. Mine is also rear near side bearing. Just waiting for a price. What did you pay btw? IceashAug 14, But how exactly does the motion of the piston or crankshaft convert to the rotational motion of the wheels? The differential is the final end mechanism that enables the creation of torque in the crankshaft before it is distributed through the transmission, to the drive shaft, and then to the wheels.

This part serves to transmit engine power to the wheels while also enabling them to have different rotation speeds. The pair of driving wheels in a vehicle does not rotate at the same speed during a turn. In situations like this, the wheel on the turning side inside wheel rotates slower than its counterpart outside wheel.

To put it simply, this mechanism is the one that decides the speed and the frequency of the turning of the axle and wheels in relation to the turning of the drive shaft. This is often referred to ring and pinion ratio. If for example you have a rear gear ratio of 3. The differential doses the power to the two wheels at the exact proportions and speed to ensure that stability is kept to the maximum and strain on the drivetrain, differential components and tires is kept at a minimum.

Two wheels on a drive axle without a differential in the middle would result in both wheels receiving the same power at all times. Having a differential however, enables each wheel to act individually.

Why should you care? Well this makes a world of a difference when turning. Simply put, the differential allows each wheel to be independent from the other while still sending power to both of them. When one wheel is spinning slower on a curb, the mechanism will keep driving the other wheel without any skidding, binding or jerking. It the differential would not be present, we would have wheels locked together at the same speed in a turn.

This would make turning difficult and with a high probability of losing control. Besides turning, other issues could arise from the drivetrain as it would be exposed to high forces.

What would happen is that one tire would need to grab and slip in order to maintain the same speed as the other one leading to the transmission of the force through the axle to all its components resulting in a huge strain on axle components and tires that leads to premature wear.

Rear differentials give out noticeable symptoms once they start wearing out or getting damaged. Usually once your differential goes bad you might experience any of the following:.

The rear differential is made up of many gears with teeth entwined with each other. The effectiveness of its function is dependent on how precise these gears are arranged and oriented relative to each other. If, for example, lubrication runs low on the mechanism or the arrangement of the gears goes out of place, rear differential noise occurs. Gear whine, bearing noise and clunking are common rear differential noises that should be a concern to vehicle owners.Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Whine noise from front end - speed related tech Mar 31, Ok, along with all the other bits and bobs that have gone wrong on my car in the last few months I now have a fault that is very worrying.

On the M40 today I noticed a whine from the front. The pitch of the whine is definately road-speed related, not engine speed. It becomes noticable at a low pitch at around 30 and increases in pitch as the roadspeed increases. Its like humming a constant note yes it's that annoyingit's not a high pitch squeel, definately a whine. The pitch is the same in all gears 60mph 4th,5th,6th etc. It's the same pitch if I engage the clutch and pop it out of gear and let the engine revs drop off at this speed so it's definately not engine or turbo.

It doesn't sound like a wheel bearing to me but i jacked up the front to see if it was a bearing but both left and right front wheels seem fine, no play and no obvious noise when spinned up Cheers.

What about cv joint? A4 nutMar 31, Last edited: Mar 31, If its not a wheel bearingmy next guess would be the pinion bearing in the box the drives the crown wheel on the front diffnot what anyone wants to here but you deffinately need a second opinion with someone direct listening to it as all forum suggestions are guess work without listening ourselves.

Could be the Diff.

audi a4 front differential noise

Mine has been doing this for a while now, something im going to have to get looked at. I thought it was a wheel bearing but had them checked and they were fine J7USSApr 1, Last edited: Apr 1, Keep us updated mate, im keen to see what the damage the bill is if it is that! It will be the diff if it' a 6 speed, saldy quite common for the pinion bearing to go on the earlier ones.

Some say it's due to too much preload being set from the factory etc, but Audi will not admit anything. Broken ByzanApr 1, Dont wanna bring you back down mate but thats what they thought mine was to but it still made the noise after BUT fingers cross you have better luck than me and hopefully it is the bearing.

I guess we'll find out!! J7USSApr 2, It gets worse!!! When I booked it in for the wheel bearing I thought I might as well get the cambelt done at the same time as its due for one and the oil leak sorted as its making a right mess of my drive The mechanics words were: "I can't believe its still running!

This is a similar problem I was faced with 18 months ago. In the end it looked to be cheaper for me to replace the engine than try and rebuild it with labour costs etc, and you need to be sure that you have every last bit of swarf out of all the oilways etcLog in or Sign up. This site uses cookies.

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Audi B6 A4 Quattro 1.8T Differential Parts

Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Audi A4 quattro noise driving me nuts! I'm at a loss with my car just now. Have already had rear bearing changed, two new tyres fitted and noise still persists. Started as a 'hum' at 40mph which I reckoned was a rear wheel bearing.

audi a4 front differential noise

I lived with it thinking it could be road noise, and have heard and read information on tyre rub. Rear tyres were mm and needed replaced, but the wear was consistent across the tyre surface. Put the car back to the same German car specialist that did the rear bearing. They checked the rear diff oil level was changed at k by local mechanicwhich had a little visible dampness, but no leak.

Oil level was fine and they listened to it too. Said bearings were fine. Replaced a couple of exhaust plates and charged me a half hour labour. Car instantly felt better and I thought I'd solved the problem.

Now at k. Timing belt, water-pump and auxilliary belts changed last Autumn. Just renewed road tax for 6 months. What else can I do? Yes, sending it to a main dealer would be peace of mind. Convinced its quattro related, but my heart sharp intake of breath from Audi reception or my wallet can't take another financial hit if its the rear diff, etc. Could the German specialist have goosed the bearing.

Have read even pros can screw up fitting a bearing if its not flush before using hydraulic press? Any suggestions welcome. What make was the bearing? I think the Avant had about 9 in three years, lasting from a year to a couple of months! I wasn't buying e-bay chocolate ones either.There are so many natural wonders to see and experience and we loved it all, a true nature lover's paradise. We were impressed by the cleanliness of the country, which shows pride in your environment.

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